Spitzer Lesson #1: Don’t Trust a Prostitution Ring Using an Unsightly ‘Web Design’ Front


We’re sure it’s different for our beloved co-editor, who is right in the thick of the action in NY, but the whole Eliot Spitzer thing kinda lost this writer fairly quickly after the initial shock. But the interest was revived a little when we found InformationWeek discussing the front the prostitution ring involved in the Spitzer case was using, that of a web design and online marketing firm called QAT Consulting Group. They go into detail about how the site was used, but primarily sink their teeth into the wonder that is their website (which is still active as of this posting). It’s just a thing of beauty, rough around every single edge. The second to best part of the whole thing is imaging someone legitimate actually landing on the site, not knowing anything about design, and asking them to design a website. The greatest thing is reading into the double entendres:

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