Spider-Man Producer Laura Ziskin Dead at 61

One of the most powerful women in Hollywood, producer Laura Ziskin, has passed away after a seven-year battle with stage 3 breast cancer. Ziskin was at the helm of one Hollywood’s biggest franchises, Spider-Man–which she managed to oversee while fighting her illness.

Ziskin also produced Fight Club and To Die For and was the first woman to produce the Academy Awards telecast by herself in 2002. She received multiple Emmys for her efforts.

More from The Wrap’s obit:

Though she struggled with cancer since receiving a Stage 3 diagnosis in 2004, Ziskin remained indefatigable, overseeing one of Sony’s highest-grossing franchises and the broadcast of the industry’s top awards shows.

She also became active in the movement to combat the disease, drawing on her contacts in the entertainment industry to help found Stand Up To Cancer in 2008.

In an interview with Katie Couric, Ziskin explained her activism: “I felt there was a kind of lack of will, an acceptance that, ‘Oh, cancer is this impossible, unsolvable problem.’ And I thought, ‘Well, okay, so what? It’s a problem. It’s a big, big problem. And I believe with focus, we can really solve it.'”