Speak Your Mind. Please. We’re Bored.

People who write in to complain about newspaper stories are well within their rights to do so. This is a free country — for now anyway, and if you have a problem with something, go on and say it. Seriously. Say it. We love reading what idiots like you have to say.

Leslie Gornstein wrote a funny little piece in the LAT last week taking guesses as to which country Angelina Jolie would “shop” for her next adopted moppet.

You would have thought she printed a recipe for boiled children. The hate mail is still pouring in by self-righteous adoptive parents. It’s gotten so bad that the eds had to write a response explaining the fact that it was a joke:

The editors and writer Leslie Gornstein were satirizing a specific person, Angelina Jolie, who had remarked that her next adoption would depend on “which country, which race would fit best with the kids.” The satire was in no way intended to be a commentary on all individuals who adopt.

Next week, Gornstein writes about playing paintball with retarded puppies.