Sophia Nelson Lands Weekly Radio Gig

Want to spend your lunch hour learning how to better live your life?

If so, you’re in luck because motivational author and blogger Sophia Nelson is taking her social media perch to another level: radio. Each Wednesday from 12-1 she’ll host a segment of Carl Nelson’s show on Radio One on a life topic. She’s calling it “Life Tools” and it’s reaching 25 markets nationally. “I’ve had two segments so far..I’m really excited about it,” she told FishbowlDC in a phone interview. Sophia Nelson bears no relation to Carl Nelson.

If you’ve ever met her or followed her on Twitter for even five minutes, Sophia is largely an open book about what she’s been through in her own life. “If I’m going to be a human being, I’ve got to accept some things,” she said. “Acceptance is the number one word I’m going to use explicitly in 2014, I’m starting now.”

Her first show: Life tools — what are they? “Virtues, values and the code of how we live our lives, ” she explained. “Everybody wants to be successful, but not all of us know how to be. I’ve lived enough life, lost enough, gained enough, been blessed enough that I thought I’d have something of value to teach somebody. Everyday I wake up I am a student. Know your row. Who are you taking advice from? Who you spend time with, who is counseling you? Who’s talking to you, who’s in your life circle?”

Her second show: How to attract good relationships that last. “In other words, sometimes we attract relationships and sometimes they’re not too good,” she said. “The law of attraction and the law of the universe is you attract what you are. I had to learn this. It’s a hard pill to swallow. A lot of times we go around say I want to marry this person, tall, rich, da da da da da, but we don’t have these qualities ourselves. It’s all about the man or woman in the mirror.”

She faces her own challenges continuously and is vocal about it. For instance, growing up, her father was an alcoholic and their relationship is forever damaged. “But I’m okay with that,” she says. “I am free from that crap and I don’t want to live under that anymore. Sometimes the only thing we can do is forgive somebody and wish them well.”

Returning to the topic of acceptance, she says,”You’ve gotta accept that people are where they are. There’s certain things that just happen if you accept them. It is what it is. Whatever it is, acceptance allows you to handle it a lot better than when you’re in denial. I am trying to move into this space in my life with all that I have going on, and some of it’s really not good. But at the end of the day, all I can do is get up each morning and thank God there’s another day. At the end of the day we need tools. We need the ability to get through this thing. We don’t know one day to the next what it’s going to throw at us.”

She promises a who’s who of guests, but first, she says, she wants people to get used to her. “It’s my way of giving back and trying to just help,” she said.

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