Solomon Joins The Post

Washington’s panicked reshuffling of political reporters (courtesy of Capitol Leader) continues…

From the Post:

    We are very pleased to announce that John Solomon, an investigative reporter and editor for the Associated Press, will join the National staff at the beginning of next year. John will lead our coverage of campaign finance and help us conceive and execute investigative projects and accountability reporting for the federal government and Congress as well as the 2008 campaign.

    It’s hard to conceive of anyone better suited for this assignment. As the leader of a seven-member investigative team at AP, John has specialized in high-impact stories designed to appear simultaneously in print, on the Web and on TV and radio. The team’s recent work included exposing the Dubai ports deal and the ethical missteps of Sen. Harry Reid and uncovering the videotape showing what President Bush was told about Hurricane Katrina before it hit.

    John has been with the Associated Press since 1987, and has served as news editor and assistant bureau chief in the AP Washington bureau. He’s a graduate of Marquette University.

    Bill Hamilton, Susan Glasser