Society Of Professional Journalists Releases Digital Media Handbook

The Society of Professional Journalists recently published their “Digital Media Handbook” – a specially-commissioned anthology of essays written by experts on a variety of digital media-related topics, including using social media, writing SEO-friendly headlines for the web, creating PDFs, organizing slide shows and galleries, creating online maps, live streaming, using Google Wave, etc. in order to instruct journalists how to use all these to their fullest potential.

The essays were compiled by members of the SPJ’s Digital Media Committee, which includes online editors and producers of web content such as Jeff Achen of, multimedia reporter Rebecca Aguilar, journalist Jessica Durkin, interactive content manager Hilary Fosdal, social media producer Amanda Maurer, and depuyt editor Jennifer Peebles.

Part 1 of the handbook can be viewed here. The SPJ hopes to release the second half by year’s end.