Society of News Design Offers Up Awards for Best Newspaper Design


Nice week for the newspaper business, for taking a break from all that “your industry is dead, man!” babble, as we learned by way of Andy Rutledge that The Society of News Design has just unveiled the winners of their 29th annual “The Best of Newspaper Design” awards, including “World’s Best-Designed Newspapers,” which was handed out to four papers, Moscow’s Akzia, Expresso in Portugal, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in Frankfurt, and The Guardian in the UK, the last two having won the distinction in previous years. Here’s a bit about why they found The Guardian so nifty once again:

The Guardian is a well-oiled machine that proves you don’t have to be a weekly to consistently generate depth. Headlines are clarion calls, or more subtle when appropriate. Typography is modulated based on the subject matter. Color is richly present but never suffocates. The Guardian serves up that most delicious of newspaper paradoxes: It is both consistent and varied. Impeccable, easy-to-understand graphics appear beside more personal cultural reports. News pages mix formality with energy. Intimate photography, in the main section and supplements, is consistently stunning — images of race car driver Lewis Hamilton and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal come to mind. Yet this all feels part of the same package, which is high praise.