Social Media Becoming Ubiquitous For Recruiting

Almost nine in 10 employers are using social media to hire or will begin doing so later this year, according to the results of a new Jobvite survey. Among companies that anticipate increased hiring this year, the percentage is even higher: 95 percent of those companies now use or plan to begin using social recruiting.

The survey also said that 64 percent of respondents (many of them not Jobvite customers) have hired people through a social network. The overwhelming majority of those successes have come from LinkedIn, with Facebook, Twitter, and blogs trailing behind.

This should not be surprising, of course, given social media’s ubiquity in the rest of our lives, but it is also true that HR and recruiting are not industries generally known for their cutting edge technology. (How many times have you had an applicant tracking system eat all the text you just painstakingly retyped from your resume?)

More findings from the survey:

  • Two thirds of respondents also use more than one social network, and four in 10 use the “big three” of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook—another reminder not to put all eggs in one basket.
  • More than half (55 percent) will increase the amount they spend on social media, while only 16 percent will boost spending on job boards. A third plan to spend less on job boards and third-party recruiters.
  • A caveat: The respondents to the survey were self-selected (based on e-mails sent to a mailing list of HR professionals); they tended to skew heavily toward technology and Internet-related firms. However, “traditional” industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing respondents were also strongly represented.