So Much for Olbermann’s New Leaf

A word of advice to Current TV’s Keith Olbermann: If you are going to promise to turn over a new leaf about Twitter fighting, you may actually want to actually turn it over and keep it turned for at least a few months.

At the end of November, just a short month ago, Olbermann got in one of his typical crusty Twitter battles. Sure, we’ve had a few — we don’t  necessarily begrudge him for it. But at the end of it, after blocking a woman who really hadn’t done anything wrong, he proclaimed that he wasn’t going to do this anymore. Life is too short, he claimed.

But apparently not short enough. Here we are in late December, and last night he wrote something that could easily incite online feuding. Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson appealed to Olbermann’s worst side last night by simply RT, “Congrats to or alienating his, what, third network? A lifetime of accomplishment.” Erickson dug the knife in further as he signed off to his followers last night saying, “OK. Time for bed. Got another 5.5 hours of radio to do tomorrow on my last day of vacation. Then off to Iowa.”

Olbermann, who presently has no idea if he is covering Iowa for Current TV — there seems to be a snafu going on in the last 24 hours in which he thinks he is covering Iowa and the NYT reports that the network doesn’t have him on the schedule for the Iowa Caucus — he wrote to Erickson: “You need to focus on your next fantastically moronic CNN appearance. Don’t get distracted.”

It appears Olbermann was on quite a roll. Other brusque commentary to a hodgepodge of followers in recent days included, “Clown, get a real name,” and “Clearly there are a lot of things you don’t know. You needn’t advertise the fact.” He seems to be in a fit of mood swings. On Dec. 28 he wrote “Trump is not The Donald. He is The Dick.” But that same day, he wrote about a beautiful sunset — “A lot going on in tonight’s sunset: moon, pink clouds, orange stripes #LuckyCharmsCereal.” (Um, someone want to find this man a straitjacket?)

Erikson, a CNN Contributor, took Olby’s snide comment in stride. He wrote, “I think it’s kind of cool @KeithOlbermann tweeted back. Made my night.”

Probably not the reaction Olbermann was hoping for.