Snowboard Saved By Fellow Indie Freeskier Publisher With Eye On Time4 Media Mountain


Yo, brah — that was a close one!

Weeks after announcing its September issue would not be published, Snowboard magazine publisher Mark Sullivan announced that he had entered into a partnership with Brad Fayfield, publisher of Freeskier and proprietor of the independent Colorado-based Storm Mountain Publishing, which will facilitate Snowboard for the 2006-2007 season. Fayfield and Sullivan have a lot in common — beyond their “yeah, brah” mountain demeanor — both having had to innovate their distribution models to compete with “corporate media giants,” as Fayfield says. Sullivan had projected $2 million in 2005-2006 season revenue.

We hear that Fayfield is looking at this partnership as part of an aggressive strategy aimed at taking on Time Warner’s Time4 Media — publisher of Transworld Snowboarding, TW Skateboarding, Ski and Skiing — all of which seems to be echoed in this statement by Fayfield: “This union will allow us to work together to level the playing field and take our respective titles to entirely new levels.”

[Disclosure: We wrote a feature article about Fayfield and Sullivan for FOLIO: last year, and have since become friends. Our sources for this item, however, are neither.]


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