Small Court Set Back For Santa Barbara News-Press

mccawfulpic.jpegWendy McCaw(ful) (pictured here) and her precious Santa Barbara News-Press was denied its request to delay the start of its federal copyright infringement trial against The Santa Barbara Independent.

The Independent reports:

The daily wanted more time to prepare for their case and determine what evidence they could take from The Indy, requesting a start date of the jury trial no sooner than late March 2008. But Judge Rafeedie determined that the News-Press’ attorneys failed to show good cause, and denied their request with no further explanation.

Specifically, the News-Press’ attorneys requested an extension because they are hoping to compel The Indy’s executive editor Nick Welsh to reveal his sources. This may be the first time ever that one newspaper has tried to get another newspaper’s reporter to divulge his or her sources, as confidentiality of sources is a privilege that’s usually treated as sacrosanct in the profession of journalism.


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