Small Business Social Media Use Is On The Rise

Nearly one in five small businesses use some kind of social media, be it a blog, Twitter, or a Facebook fan page, according to the new State of Small Business report from Network Solutions, LLC and the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith school of businesses.

The majority of businesses using social media, and there were many more of them in 2009 than in 2008 find that it’s “met expectations” and “paid for itself” over the past year; 45 percent of the business owners surveyed expect their social media efforts to become profitable in the next twelve months. Meanwhile, half of them found that their social media efforts took more time than expected.

Important information for jobseekers in the social media sphere: While three out of four businesses in social media had a fan page on Facebook and more than half used LinkedIn, only 39 percent maintained a blog and barely one quarter (26 percent) used Twitter. So what this means to us is there’s a lot of business owners out there interested in social media, fairly sure that if their efforts aren’t already paying off, they will soon, and not yet blogging or Tweeting, probably because they’re pressed for time.

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