Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Howard Kurtz takes a look at Karl Rove being called again to testify in the CIA leak probe and reveals that journalists are salivating for an indictment. Tread lightly, Kurtz warns…

    But judging by the way this is played on TV, you can almost hear the reporters salivating for indictment. Not because they don’t like Rove–a lot of them have probably dealt with him on background–but because it would be such a juicy story. Plus, it could be added to the litany of woes facing Bush (down to 37 percent in the latest CBS poll ): Katrina, Iraq, DeLay, Miers, the Safavian indictment.

    If Karl Rove were to be charged, given his central role in Bush’s rise and in this White House, the story would be huge. Massive. Titanic. But I think journalists ought to be careful about getting too far out in front on this.

For those firmly ensconced in the Judy Miller camp, would a Rove indictment be satisfactory collateral?