Sleep In, Or Sleep In A Museum?

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is looking for a stuntman (or woman) to live inside the museum for a month.
The museum says:

From October 20 to November 18, 2010, this person’s mission will be to experience all the fun and education that fits in this historic 14-acre building, living here and reporting your experience to the outside world. There will be plenty of time to explore the Museum and its exhibits after hours, with access to rarely seen nooks and crannies of this 77-year-old institution.
Sure, it’s a commitment. But if you are chosen and can successfully complete Month at the Museum, you’ll walk away with a prize of $10,000, a package of tech gadgets, and new knowledge and experiences that may just transform you.

In addition to just living and reporting, the museum wants someone who can participate in science demos, meet museum guests each day, and not have overnight parties (?! really!). If this sounds like you, send an application video, essay, and headshot to the museum folks at the URL above.