Slaughter: NY Congresswoman Calls For Balancing GOP-Heavy Sunday Talk Shows

GOP Slaughter

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, a Democratic representative of New York’s 28th district, is calling for the restoration of balance on Sunday morning talk shows, which, she says, have had a “disproportionately large” number of conservatives on them for years.

“Millions of Americans trust Sunday morning programs to provide balanced news and analysis, but far too often, that isn’t what they receive,” Rep. Slaughter said in a statement e-mailed to media this week. “It is a reality that hasn’t changed, even after the establishment of new Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress.”

“As trusted sources of information, Sunday morning news programs have an obligation to provide their viewers with equal representation from both sides of the political aisle,” Slaughter added. “A failure to provide balance is a disservice to the public and renders voters less able to evaluate the performance of our government. They deserve better.”

Bill Maher, of course, would call Slaughter a “pussy.”


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