Slate Expands Its Politics Team

A promotion and an addition.

Slate’s new chief political correspondent, Jamelle Bouie, announced his promotion in a tweet today, but on Sunday it was announced for him on Face the Nation by John Dickerson, Slate’s previous chief political correspondent. Bouie was part of Face the Nation’s Sunday panel, and when it came time to introduce Bouie, Dickerson used Bouie’s new title rather than his previous title as staff writer.

Slate editor in chief Julia Turner told FishbowlDC that Bouie will be hitting the campaign trail as part of his new role. She described Bouie as an “extraordinary force at Slate during his time here, covering politics and race during a year that brought a lot of news on both fronts, and doing so with a rare combination of insight, wit, bravery, historical perspective, analytical rigor and moral force.”

New to the team is Jim Newell, currently a politics writer at Salon, who will be joining as a writer covering the 2016 elections and politics in general. Turner called Newell a “terrific writer and thinker” and was “excited to bring his intellectual curiosity, skepticism and sense of mischief to Slate.”

John Dickerson, who gave up his title when he became host of Face the Nation in June, continues to pen a political column and podcast for the politics team, which also includes Josh Voorhees, Will Saletan and Reihan Salam. Seth Stevenson, a longtime Slate contributor who focused previously on advertising, will also write for the team, examining the campaigns from a branding perspective.