Simply Hired Releases Data on the Mobile Job Seeker

According to Simply Hired, a technology company operating job search engines, the mobile audience is universal and relying on their device more frequently than their desktop or laptop to pound the pavement.

After crunching data on more than 30 million job seekers during the month of August, per the report issued today mobile users are serious. As for the breakdown: 75 percent of job clicks came from mobile phones compared to 25 percent coming from tablets.

More engaged in jobs than ever before, they’re spending more time on the site, and clicking through more and revisit the same job 60 percent more times than desktop users. And when they do revisit jobs for the second time around, they’re checking them out on their desktops.

Interestingly enough, peak hours for mobile users were 8 to 9 p.m. and for desktop users it was 11:30 a.m.

So, what does this mean for you, our lovely job seeker?

Word is out that mobile devices are predicted to surpass desktop and laptop computers as the primary way to access the web by 2015, per its press release.

Plus, the number of employees looking for jobs via their mobile devices has literally jumped from 2.3 million to 9.3 million in the last year alone. This means recruiters will be looking for you on your mobile. And they’ll probably be ramping up their mobile-friendly career sites and portals.

Per the press release, James Beriker, president and CEO of Simply Hired, explained, “Recruiters must figure out how to serve the mobile user or risk losing out on a massive pool of candidates. Our goal with this new research is to offer a data-driven picture of the mobile candidate in order to help recruiters reach these on-the-go candidates as effectively and efficiently as possible.””