Silverman Moves

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    We are pleased to announce that Elissa Silverman will join the night reporting team on the City desk to cover breaking news in the District and the region, and to enhance our coverage of D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Elissa succeeds Allan Lengel, who will become a real estate reporter for Business. Elissa is an aggressive and passionate reporter with an extensive knowledge of the city and a wealth of sources. As she takes on this new, multifaceted beat, we will benefit from Elissa’s keen eye for news and talent for spotting trends that are helping to transform our region. Her responsibilities will include examining the impact of government policies and developing creative ways to write about nightlife in the city and the region. We are especially excited about having Elissa track the changes in the city’s emergency medical response system, which is being overhauled following a string of highly publicized failures. For the past year, Elissa has been a District political reporter. She played a key role in our coverage of last year’s mayoral and council races and the day-to-day operations of the District government. Elissa joined the Post in 2005 to work on the Business staff. She is a former reporter and political columnist for City Paper. Elissa will begin her new assignment in April.