Should Romance & Work Mix? New App Connects to LinkedIn Accounts

flirt at workIt’s the age-old question. Should you mix romance with the office?

One new app thinks so. According to SmartCompany in Australia, a new application called LinkedUp! sounds a lot like Tinder. Apparently it connects to your contacts on LinkedIn the same way Tinder taps into Facebook. Per the piece, it scans your LinkedIn network for dating prospects.Our initial thoughts? Keep work and romance separate — let’s keep LinkedIn for the purpose of building your personal brand and contacts. That said, would be living in the dark ages to ignore the countless courtships and marriages that result from the office along with the fact that LinkedIn does have photos.

Plus, someone’s work history presents more information about their professional story, not uncommon when evaluating potential dates. Considering cupid can strike anywhere and office relationships with colleagues can blossom when you spend more time at work than at home, maybe they’re onto something?

Stephen Snyder, M.D. agrees. He wrote on Psychology Today,

“I realized what had intrigued me about LinkedUp! It was the frustration of so many of my sex therapy patients who kept meeting people online with whom they had very little in common.

Most of the people I see in the office work very long hours.  So their business community is often closer and more intimate than their home community. I wondered if LinkedUp! might tap this power of one’s work community for human connection — and maybe lead to more promising dates.”

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