Shopkick Partners With Crate & Barrel

Location-based shopping app now has 1.4M users

Shopkick, a location-based shopping app, announced on Thursday that it has hit 1.4 million users and is partnering with Crate & Barrel. The home goods retailer will give “kickbucks”—Shopkick’s currency that is redeemable for real-life rewards—to people who visit the store.

Shopkick is already being used in 1,500 retail locations (with partners including Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s) and 160 malls across 39 states. Shopkick sells retailers special in-store devices that detect and check-in the app’s users when they enter a store. The users can then receive kickbucks as a reward for shopping at that retailer.

Apart from the millions of check-ins that Shopkick retailers have logged, Shopkick is also reporting that its users have scanned five million partner products since the app was launched—with $20 million in funding—back in August.