Shilling for Joe Francis

Joe Francis.jpgWe know we have readers. We know people come to this site on a regular basis. Lots of ’em actually. But in the past couple of months that Mediabistro has enabled comments, we here at FBLA haven’t gotten too many. We have lurkers – not comment leavers. We’re fine with that.

That’s what tipped us off to the following comments about Mayrav’s Joe Francis post this morning. Reader 2567 left this:

The Truth

Francis was sold out

Doesn’t make Francis a good guy. Fact: He’s a dick.

We shouldn’t put dicks in federal prison for being a dick

I know the accountant who punked him. He had a plan, took Joe’s shit, and stuck it to him where it hurts.

Joe, you don’t deserve this

Really? Joe is a victim? Accountants are known from being vicious. That’s why their pockets are often protected.

And Lakeshor left this:

The IRS Gone Wild on Joe Francis
The latest high profile victim in the governments war against tax deniers and others that don’t pay their fair share. Its is getting tiresome watching the government, using ringleaders (lawyers and accountants) to abuse their clients by giving bad advice and then selling them out for a percentage of the gravy. Of course, do they ever indict the ringleaders?

Really two ‘readers’ fervently defending a guy who’s fellow pornographers think is a scumbag? Serious? Of all the injustices in the world – of all the victims of circumstance – of all the mistreated and exploited – Joe Francis having IRS issues is not one of them. And no fake comments are going to change that fact.

In fact that may make our new gold standard for being a super douche: Get shills to plea your case on the internet.