Sherri Shepherd’s Twitter Meltdown

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s “The View”, took to Twitter last night to declare her love of and vote for President Obama. Anyone who watches “The View” will not be surprised. They should also get better taste in TV shows.

She also took the time to do a rant on race, tweeting “And IF I was voting solely based on race… seems @BarackObama’s got the best of both worlds… being bi-racial, he understands both sides.”

She then got biblical with “I am a Christian … and I’ve read in the Bible … take care of the poor, the needy, the sick” … my vote is for @BarackObama.” Makes me wonder if she could point out the part in the Bible that says government should force others to do so, too, or when she became a big proponent of breaking down that wall between church and state.

But she wasn’t out of stupid yet, so she continued with“I have a son w special needs. If Mitt Romney becomes president, it scares me what kind of slashing he will do to gov’t programs that help.”

Are we really to the point that people making millions of dollars are lining up for a drag on the government teat? Has it really come to that? If so, we’re screwed.