Daily News Columnist Shaun King Highlights His Editorial Independence

He tells The Young Turks there is no hand to bite.

Fun moment at the top of Shaun King’s online interview with our former TV Newser colleague Jordan Chariton, now covering the presidential campaign for The Young Turks.

King, the paper’s senior justice writer, disagreed with Chariton’s statement that he might not want to come out with criticism of the paper’s interviews with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, because it could be seen as “biting the hand” that feeds him.

“I don’t see it as biting the hand that feeds me,” King explained. “I was telling you before we started. The Daily News has really given me a lot of freedom to say what I think and to give my honest take and perspective, on not just the Sanders campaign, but a wide variety of issues – on injustice, police brutality. For instance, our paper has traditionally been the most read paper in New York by police officers. We’re kind of seen in the city as a working-class paper for public servants and others. But I’m very critical of not just police brutality but police misconduct, the way police handle misconduct. I’m critical of public servants and people in power. And so, they’ve given me the freedom to do that.”

Later on, King revealed that he had just posted a rebuttal to the paper’s endorsement of Clinton. Prompting Chariton to interject: “Wow, they do give you a lot of freedom.”

“I am a ‘Young Turk’ inside of the New York Daily News, in essence,” King later added. Indeed, King has been impressive in his time so far at the paper, in a way that would fit right in with Cenk Uygur’s operation.