Sharon Osbourne Quits America’s Got Talent, Blasts NBC’s Discriminatory Practices

She’s still under contract, but Sharon Osbourne doesn’t care – she has no intention of returning to her role as judge on America’s Got Talent. The Osbourne family matriarch is furious with NBC, who she says fired her son because he has multiple sclerosis, then lied about it.

Sharon tells the New York Post that Jack Osbourne was set to appear on Stars Earn Stripes, a new reality series where celebrities compete in military training exercises. Then, just two days before Jack was scheduled to start filming, the network axed him from the show. In light of Jack’s recent MS diagnosis, Stars Earn Stripes producer David Hurwitz felt “the rigors of the show were too intense for him.”

Hurwitz further enraged the Osbournes when he claimed last month that Jack had never been part of the show’s cast to begin with, but was just “somebody we were in talks with.” And it’s true Jack’s contract had not yet been signed, but NBC was doing a bit more than talking. Like scheduling Jack to show up for filming.

An NBC executive is said to have offered Jack his full fee as a kind of olive branch, but Sharon told the NYP the Osbournes declined:

“He didn’t want the money. He wanted his gig. It gave him something to look forward to when he was diagnosed.

“Think of the good that it could have done to show other people who have this [condition] that your life is not over.”

A network rep said: “Sharon has been a valuable part of the NBC family. We regret any misunderstanding and wish Jack well.”

We’re pretty sure that’s peacock talk for “Bugger off.”