Shane Smith Also Dropped a David Carr Reference

Vice co-founder is ready to put on his safari hat and take on anyone who compares Viceland to Current.

On The Drudge Report and elsewhere, much is being made today about the fact that Shane Smith drops 52 F-bombs in this week’s Hollywood Reporter cover story, for which he was interviewed alongside Spike Jonze by Lacey Rose at Vice’s Venice, Calif. offices.

But we were equally intrigued by the fact that Smith reverently made mention of David Carr:

There are plenty who are predicting this network [Viceland] will be a replay of Al Gore’s Current TV, which had lots of hype, then fell flat. Thoughts?

SMITH Great. Because if they prophesize my doom and then I kick ass and I’m like (flashes middle finger). As the late, great [New York Times columnist] David Carr used to say, “It’s fighting season.” Look, everybody talks about disruption until you actually f—ing disrupt something, and then everybody freaks the f— out. And we’re going to come along and we’re going to disrupt everything, and everyone’s going to say I’m the f—ing devil himself. And then 12 months from now we’ll be on the cover of Time magazine as the guys who brought millennials back to TV. That’s how it f—ing works.

In the documentary Page One, Carr famously kicked off his own version of “fighting season” when he visited Vice to discuss the company’s partnership with CNN.

After Carr passed away last February, Vice senior editor Ben Shapiro thanked Carr for what he taught everyone at the company and fondly remembered the contributions of his daughter:

A few years ago, we had the great pleasure of working with one of his twin daughters, Erin, in our London and then U.S. offices. We loved her. As a producer, Erin made some of the best documentaries we’ve ever done (if you haven’t, you should really watch her piece on 3-D printed guns). We miss her humor and weird heart brightening up our lives in an office that can get, as all offices do, a bit depressing at times.

All that’s left to say here, re: Carr and the Feb. 29 launch of Viceland is… RIP and rock and roll!

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