Shades of Powell:

michael powell.gifFishbowl is not at all surprised to learn from MSNBC that “racy” commercials for internet domain registration outfit were pulled from the Super Bowl’s fourth quarter by Fox brass. With FCC chairman Michael Powell still hovering over anxious executives because he’s not out the door yet, the New Puritanism is flowering over at the Fair and Balanced network.

Apparently, it was (former) laddie bastion NFL itself which had requested the commercial – in which a bosomy model pokes fun at censorship – be pulled. Does that mean you’re stopping payment on the residual checks to Nicolette Sheridan, too? Didn’t the Bowl also have a commercial in which one of the Queer Eye fellas ogled a hunky guy? Are barely concealed breasts the problem? Is self-deprecating criticism? Or are you people just running scared? You all know the answer.