SF’s Academy of Art Recruits Designers…On the Football Field?


Okay, you’re gonna have to trust us on this one. We already checked the calendar, and we swear, it’s not April 1. Apparently the Academy of Art in San Francisco plans to add Division II sports during the 2008-2009 academic year and a Division I football team in the next ten years. They’ve even hired former 49er Jamie Williams as their first athletic director, who will eventually be leading the Urban Knights to victory on the gridiron. Don’t worry, according to Williams’ statement on the Academy’s website, he’s down with the arts:

“I seek to inspire through the three A’s: Academics, the feeder of intellect and wisdom; Arts, the emancipator of spirit and expression; and Athletics, the builder of physicality and courage.”

They’ve even got a dance squad, the Academy Dames, who will be shaking their poms alongside the scholar-athletes in 2008. No word on how soon California College of the Arts will scramble their own Div I team for some inter-city competition (maybe they can name themselves The Missing Cs?), but until then we’ll sit here mulling over a far more important conundrum: Designers can play sports?