Sex Needs Revealed Through Study of Search Sites

Foot fetishes not deviant is just one of the findings

Straight men's desires are far more eclectic than we might imagine, and foot fetishes aren't deviant. Those are just a few of the conclusions drawn by a pair of researchers who studied logs of sex-related online searches from sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo in an attempt to find out what people really want sexually.

Sai Gaddam and former MIT researcher Ogi Ogas have included the findings from their study in the book  A Billion Wicked Thoughts. It’s being touted as the first massive undertaking in sexual research since the Kinsey Reports.

So what does the study tell us? Well, it turns out that straight men are interested in a wider range of erotica than was previously thought—and they’re searching a larger array of sites, including ones dedicated to the elderly and transsexuals. Also, foot fetishes aren’t considered sexually deviant because smaller feet in women are a sign of fertility, and men’s brains are wired to look for them.

Straight men also prefer heavier women to skinny ones, are fascinated by other men’s penises (which may be conscious or unconscious), and prefer amateur porn. Men fantasize about group sex more than women do, and they tend to imagine more females in the scenario.

Gay men and straight men have nearly identical brains, and their favorite body parts (chests, buttocks, and feet, if you were wondering) line up exactly. Many gay men like straight porn, and straight women like to watch and read about romances between two men, but it’s the emotional aspect that draws women, not the sex. Domination and submission is one of the most popular areas of sexual interest, and straight women and gay men are generally more drawn to the submissive role.

The assumption behind the study is that people don’t bother lying to search engines; they just search for what they’re actually interested in. So the results, say the authors, are an uncensored view into the searchers’ minds.