Seven Really Annoying Habits to Ditch Right Now

mistakeWhen we read this piece by our friends at BrazenCareerist, we chuckled. We couldn’t help but recognize colleagues from years past who have been culprits of one or more of these bad habits.

And if you’ve committed one or two faux pas over time, let’s face it — we’re all human. Give yourself a permission slip but if you’re noticing a pattern, maybe it’s time to shape up your ways. Or if you’re a manager, it’s definitely time to coach that person on your team about changing their ways.

Without further ado…

1. You’re constantly late. As in show up late every single day.

2. You’re so negative. Do you complain a lot? About everyone and everything? Time to tone it down. No one likes to work with a negative person and even worse, it’s contagious. One bad apple really can spoil the bunch.

3. You need a lot of handholding. As in a lot. As in every day coaching. Sure, when you’re new there’s a learning curve at first and that’s normal. After a year? Not so much. You were hired as a competent employee so dealing with problems without thinking through solutions could signify a red flag to your boss.

4. You make excuses. We know this isn’t you but we have to mention it just in case it applies to “a friend.” If you make a mistake, simply own up to it! Others can see through excuses if they’ve been given one too many times. Admit you made a mistake and move on.

5. You’re glued to your mobile phone. We’re not against sending the occasional text during the day to make dinner plans with your beau but when it’s constant throughout the day, trust us — other people will notice. Limit your cell phone use during the day and turn off loud ringtones.

6. You take credit for other people’s ideas. Please don’t be this guy or gal! And if you don’t take it, you simply repeat it. The piece points out, “When you’re in a meeting or having a discussion, your boss wants to hear fresh, innovative ideas and opinions. If an idea was stated once, repeating it won’t make it sound any more new or different.”

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