Donald Trump to Seth Meyers: You Should Never Have Been Hired

Apparently, The Donald still has not forgiven Seth Meyers for one of the all-time great set pieces [Trump material begins at 12:00 video mark] delivered by a White House Correspondents Association dinner host. Ahead of today’s big Primetime Emmys broadcast, Trump tweeted the following:

FishbowlNY hopes that host Meyers will find a way to slip a reference about this tweet into the show. It’s not so much opening monologue material; but later on, as the broadcast inevitably drags a bit, it could stand as huuuuge goose-the-audience ammo. As in, “Maybe that Donald Trump tweet today was right…” Or, “That one was for you, Mr. Trump.”

The best coverage line so far about this goes to the Washington Post‘s Abby Ohlheiser. She deems Trump’s barb to be a classic example of NBC-on-NBC crime.

Update (August 26):
Trump is standing firm. He peppered Meyers with Twitter insults during and after the NBC telecast, ending with this tweet today: