Seth Godin Answers the Eternal Question: Working Hard or Hardly Working?


By way of the gentleman with some of the finest links we know, Mr. Andy Rutledge, came this essay by another fine gentleman in his own right, Mr. Seth Godin, “Hard Work.” It concerns thinking about the phrase itself, “hard work,” and how what most of us do isn’t really that “hard” even if it is “work.” Confused? Don’t be. Here’s a paragraph that kind of gets to the meat of Godin’s terrific bit of writing:

Sure, you’re working long, but “long” and “hard” are now two different things. In the old days, we could measure how much grain someone harvested or how many pieces of steel he made. Hard work meant more work. But the past doesn’t lead to the future. The future is not about time at all. The future is about work that’s really and truly hard, not time-consuming. It’s about the kind of work that requires us to push ourselves, not just punch the clock. Hard work is where our job security, our financial profit, and our future joy lie.

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