Set Your Thinking Caps to ‘Think’

Trendwatching, one of our newest favorite destinations, has just released their new “Trend Briefing” for the month of August. This time around it’s called “Innovation Overload” and it’s all about coming up with the new and improved. But it’s not really much of a tutorial or anything, or trying to motivate you into getting your brain in gear. Rather, and why these things are so fun and interesting, is that they’re really just a big series of case studies, always on interesting topics, or, in this case, changes, products, and services you may have missed. There’s bits on Austian grocery stores, cheap airlines, and premium fabric care products that look as good as they probably function (we, unfortunately, can’t try them because we’re purists and believe that clothing should be washed with a stone after being doused in the creek). And everything featured is one of those “That’s so cool. I’m glad someone thought of that. Or, rather, I wish I had.” So, in the end, it really does wind up being inspiring. Or frustrating.