Set Up Your Thomas Kinkade-Designed Pop-Up Christmas Tree in Mere Seconds!


We’ve done a lot of poking fun at Thomas Kinkade and his painting of light recently and while usually we’d open with a statement like that in order to segue into an apology or some sad story about his personal affairs, but that’s not happening this time. Instead, we turn to the availability of a 6 1/2 foot Christmas tree designed by Kinkade. What makes this special edition tree extra special is that it comes in a round, flat container and when removed, pops up to its full height, pre-lit and everything (we highly recommend watching the video of it in action on Hammacher Schlemmer‘s site). In this busy world, it’s the perfect solution for a person who wants a Christmas tree but needs it now. Here’s a description of its beauty:

The fully decorated tree has two satin-like ribbons with winter holiday scenes inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s original artwork. Two hundred glistening clear lights are nestled among the branches and cast a warm glow onto 46 globe ornaments that are painted in rich holiday red and gold. The tree has two additional gold and burgundy ribbons, 15 velvet-like poinsettias, and a gold-trimmed bow tree topper.

If this is successful, we’re anticipating lots more pop-ups from Kinkade, given that he still has to pay off all those legal bills.