Serpentine Gallery Review Asks Readers to Look at Frank Gehry’s Flaws

Back in March when we reported on Frank Gehry unveiling his plans for the temporary Serpentine Gallery, you might remember that we said it looked like “the Acropolis of Athens after an earthquake.” Now that the thing has been built (which you can watch in time-lapse here</a if so inclined), the first review is in and the Guardian‘s Stephen Bayley is much kinder with his wording than were we. It’s almost your standard review of a new Gehry building, including the themes of “It looks crazy” and “It calls attention to itself,” but Bayley inserts a nice bit of extra thought into it, calling out the critiques of Gehry’s work (his buildings are wasteful, how something will manage to be built is low on his list, his stuff all kind of looks the same, etc.). But the reviewer manages to spin it all around saying that, yes, all these things are possibly true, but go check out this new Serpentine building and see if you come away thinking the critiques are justified or if Gehry truly is the genius some people think.