Sensing Competition, New York Times Takes On Wall Street Journal in Ad Campaign

In advance of a direct assault on its readership and advertisers from The Wall Street Journal‘s forthcoming Metro section, The New York Times is taking to the Web with an ad campaign asserting its dominance among the affluent, New Yorkers and affluent New Yorkers.

An apparent preemptive strike against the Journal’s forthcoming Metro section (launching in April), the campaign makes a strong case for the Times‘ dominance, but the paper’s current position may depend on the fact that the competition hasn’t even gotten startd. As we’ve noted, the Journal has already begun encroaching on the Times‘ ad territory. Depending on the Journal‘s success, the Times could see some slippage. At any rate, it’s looking more and more like we’ll soon be treated to the spectacle of an old-school newspaper war.

For now, here’s what the Times has to say to advertisers:

• Weekday reach of affluent adults in print in the New York Market — NYT 908,559, WSJ 515,594.

• Unique international visitors to Web site — NYT 8,857,000, WSJ 2,647,000.

• Number of visitors to Web site from New York — NYT 2,112,000 WSJ 710,000

• Weekday print readers who attended 2 or more cultural events in the New York Market in the past year — NYT 1,149,255, WSJ 507,622

• Unique visitors to Web site nationally — NYT 19,864,000, WSJ 11,792,000

• Weekday print readership among women in the New York Market — NYT 809,284, WSJ 290,612

• Weekday paid print circulation in the New York Market — NYT 428,228, WSJ 249,267

• Weekday print readership among business professionals in the New York Market — NYT 827,047, WSJ 408,399

Here’s the Timespress release. Thanks to’s David Kaplan for the point.