Senate Advances Jobs Bill That Promotes Hiring The Unemployed

Despite the fact that there are 9.3 million unemployed people in this country(!), employers still want to hire people who are currently employed…because CLEARLY if you are one of the 9.3 million people affected by the worst economic turndown in decades, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Anyway, trying to remind companies of the fact that plenty of incredibly qualified people are out of work hasn’t seemed to have had any effect; but maybe legislation will.

The Senate has voted to advance a job-creation package that includes tax breaks for companies that hire unemployed workers. A final vote on the bill is coming within days, the Wall Street Journal reports.

If the bill passes into law (it still has to clear the House), any company that hires an unemployed worker will be exempted from paying that worker’s social security tax in 2010; if it keeps the worker for a year, it will get a $1,000 tax cut.

Necessary or overlegislatory? You tell us.