Seattle University Student Journalists: Too Many LOLCats On

Less than a year ago, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer bid its 145-year print history adieu as it moved to an online-only format.

The editorial board at the Seattle University Spectator says that the new isn’t doing what it should.

“With driving traffic motivating journalism, Golden Globe galleries dominate a home page and images of the Haiti earthquake from a photographer get buried. relies heavily on reader blogs, pointing to other site’s content, aggregated photos and stories, staff commentary and yes, LOLCats.”

(Those are some pretty funny cats, admittedly.)

Web-only news sites can do journalism, we believe, and like the Spectator staff, we can’t find fault with the hardworking, 20-person staff at “These journalists are victims of big media corporations and audiences that value news content but don’t understand that original reporting is expensive and currently funded by print, not Web, advertising,” the Spectator staff wrote. “Their local-focused, original content is hidden beneath red carpets and sexy headlines.”

How should change? What would you like to see?