Seasonal Jobs: Hiring for the Holidays

Consider this post a service announcement, if you will. Sure, we’re all about kicking butt and taking names with your career but whether you’re a freelancer looking up to amp your income or a full-timer strapped for cash, there’s nothing like opportunities to earn more money courtesy of the holidays.

In fact, according to an AOL Jobs piece, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, an employment services firm, predicts retail payrolls will increase to 700,000 through the end of the calendar year which is compared to last year’s timeframe of 660,200 jobs.

So, if you think it’s beneath you to take a retail job, think again. Journalist Caitlin Kelly who has penned many bylines for The New York Times for instance, ended up writing a book about her retail experience! Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail is the account of her part-time job working for North Face at her local mall.

Okay, maybe you won’t be inspired to write a book and land a publishing deal based on your part-time gig, but considering the following companies are hiring, it may not be a bad idea to explore some opportunities. In case you’re still hesitant, keep in mind they’re merely temporary.

According to the AOL gallery, Amazon plans to hire about 3,000 workers to get them through the holiday crunch. Check out Kohl’s – they plan to hire about 41 workers for their stores which equates to 52,700 people and paychecks!

Target plans to add about 90,000 people to their part-time payroll whereas Macy’s plans to add about 80,000.

And hey, this doesn’t include the local gigs at your mall playing Santa or one of his many elves. Just sayin’.