Sean Penn Caper Commandeers Mexico’s Sunday Newspapers

Milenio, Vanguardia and other dailies are informing readers about Rolling Stone's massive scoop.

On the Facebook page for the Mexican edition of Rolling Stone magazine, they’re pretty ho-hum about it. A Jan. 9 status update reads: Sean Penn chatted with “El Chapo” exclusively before his recapture for Rolling Stone.

The headlines are a little more emphatic on the front pages of today’s Mexican dailies. Starting with this one, which reflects the drug lord’s boast during his conversation with the actor about owning a fleet of planes, submarines, trucks and boats.


Vanguardia is one of the few Mexico newspapers to forego use of the Rolling Stone article proof-of-encounter pic of Penn shaking hands with El Chapo. The paper opted instead for a caricature depiction of Penn, El Chapo and actress Kate del Castillo, displayed on this Golden Globes Sunday above a drawing of Penn’s pal, The Revenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu.


Ahead of Penn’s bombshell article Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times was telling its readers that the drug lord might soon be alighting in the Windy City. That remains to be seen, with experts predicting a long and drawn out U.S. extradition process.


No matter how one feels about the ethics of Penn’s actions and Rolling Stone’s decision to allow El Chapo to have approval over the article, today’s headlines, in the land where it all went down, are as shocking as the piece that went online last night.


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