Seabroook, Elliott Swamp on “ATC”

From the release:

    Andrea Seabrook, who has served as reporter and substitute host for NPR News since 2001, joins the award-winning newsmagazine All Things Considered as its weekend host beginning September 29.

    Seabrook joins weekday hosts Melissa Block, Michele Norris and Robert Siegel on NPR’s signature afternoon newsmagazine, which is heard by 11.5 million listeners weekly. For local stations and broadcast times, visit

    For the past four years, Seabrook has covered Congress for NPR News programs, most recently as Congressional Correspondent. She reported on all aspects of the Hill, from legislation on immigration, minimum wage and the Iraq War, to Congress’ trend toward seersucker suits in Summer. Seabrook joined NPR in 1998 as an editorial assistant with NPR Music and, later, Morning Edition; she later was named reporter in NPR News Mexico Bureau. She has served as substitute host for such NPR programs as Talk of the Nation and Weekend Edition Saturday, and was one of the team of four anchors heading NPR News’ nine-hour November 2006 election coverage.

    Seabrook swaps jobs with Debbie Elliott, who has been named Congressional Correspondent after serving as weekend host of All Things Considered since September 2005. Elliott came to NPR in 1995, covering politics as a reporter and correspondent based in the south. She was part of NPR’s 2000 presidential election team, where she reported from Florida on the election and contested results that followed.