Scott Pelley on Bob Simon: He ‘Had a Sharp Intolerance for Injustice’

"CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley joined "CBS This Morning" in the wake of last night's tragic news of the fatal car accident that killed legendary CBS corespondent Bob Simon


“CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor, Scott Pelley, joined “CBS This Morning” in the wake of yesterday’s tragic news of the fatal car accident that killed legendary CBS corespondent, Bob Simon.

Simon was “a man of enormous courage,” in the words of his “60 Minutes” colleague and friend. Adding a bit of insight into where this courage was derived, Pelley explained that Simon had “a sharp intolerance for injustice” and had “equal opportunity rage for every injustice committed in every corner of this earth.”

Pelley recalled a specific moment in Simon’s career in which his colleague demonstrated this “equal opportunity rage.”

I’ll never forget an interview he did with an Israeli general, for example. He looked up at the general and said, “you’re one of the greatest generals Israel has ever produced,” and the man smiled and nodded. And Bob said, “so, why are you killing children?” And there was a Bob Simon punch, a round house punch, that he could knock anybody out with — and it was in the form of a question

The heartbreaking loss was magnified by Pelley’s moving description of iconic journalist  — describing his work as “Hemingway-esque” and a “master class in journalism.”

Watch Pelley share his memories of Simon, courtesy of “CBS This Morning.”

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