Scott Heiferman Pits Google Vs. Meetup


By way of Zach Klein‘s blog, we found this funny piece of comparison. Scott Heiferman, CEO of the site Meetup (which is down at the moment of this writing), put together a back and forth between what it’s like to work for either his company or for Google. It’s really terrific, with the occasional jab at Google, but mostly just wonderfully self-defacing and relaxed. And it works in getting the point across of how cool this group must be to work with to potential job applicants (the reason for posting the comparison sheet). Here’s a bit about snacking at both companies:

At Google, you get free snacks stocked by Snack Googlers.

At Meetup, there’s this fruit stand around the corner. Bananas are 25 cents. The dude gives you a free plastic bag.