Mark Ebner Scientology Expose Helps Kick Off

Today marks the official launch of, a new content site aimed at recovering drug and alcohol users. Though based in New York, its most arresting piece of initial coverage comes courtesy of Mark Ebner, the LA author and journalist normally parked at

Together with Walter Armstrong (and researcher James Patridge), Ebner has uncorked a lengthy look at the Church of Scientology’s Narconon detox program. The six-page online investigation, a must-read for anyone who likes to follow the fortunes of Scientology, wastes no time getting to an exclusive interview with David Love, a Canadian who took the treatment in 2008-09:

“When I was at Narconon, people were taken away in ambulances and had to spend days in the hospital,” said Love… “People have died in the Quebec facility… Addicts with substance abuse problems have liver problems and high enzyme counts–they should in no way be taking massive amounts of vitamins like Niacin.”

The article also sources Dr. David Touretzky, a Carnegie Mellon professor long focused on Narconon, and Patty Pieniadz, once an executive director with the program in Connecticut. Separately, had some of its reporters pose as addicts to solicit the pitch from various Narconon facilities.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.