Paparazzo Gets Into Presidential Trouble in Hawaii

Camped out December 21 on Kailua Beach in Hawaii in hopes of catching a glimpse of a pregnant Jessica Simpson, this unnamed celebrity photographer got something entirely different: the sight of Sasha and Malia Obama. When he decided to snap some photos, two sets of problems ensued.

Per an item on Celebuzz by Cliff Renfrew, some Secret Service agents came over, asked the photographer for identification and presumably gave him a warning. However, when the photographer later went ahead and put the pictures out through his agency, the White House Press Office stepped in:

“He received a letter, on White House Press Office letterhead, requesting that the images not be released,” a source told Celebuzz…

“It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday,” the insider added. “The letter said that other media had been respecting these requirements.”

To Celebuzz’s credit, they have chosen not to name the photographer. As such, they’ve given this paparazzo probably the kind of treatment he is exceedingly unaccustomed to.

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