Sasha Frere-Jones: On ”Kristen’s” Dated Pop


The New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones weighs in briefly on the pop tunes — now on sale (please don’t buy it) — of soon-to-be former Governor Eliot Spitzer’s expensive friend. From NewYorker Online:

”The most popular singer in New York State right now, sometimes known as ‘Kristen,’ will likely be appearing in court soon, but she has other pressing worries, especially with that new Usher album about to drop: Ashley Alexandra Dupre uses ‘dated slang.’ Is ‘boo’ really in the same league as ‘dope’ and ‘hep’? Let the people decide.”

We’d say Oh, Snap! but that would probably date us too. Some contrast: Mark Medley of The National Post writes: ”Well, it’s no Umbrella, but — actually — it’s not horrible. Let me put it this way: it stacks up against all the other generic hip-hop flavoured R&B on the radio/iTunes these days. This will be played in every club in New York on Friday night.”

Full New Yorker post here.

(image via nymag)