Sarah Jessica Parker’s Modern Art Reality Show Finally Set to Debut

Finally, two years after we first told you it had been announced, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s modern art-based reality show has been officially unveiled. Previously untitled, the show will now be called “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” and will begin airing on June 9th on Bravo. According to the info the network passed on to us, it will pit fourteen up-and-coming artists against one another, all competing for an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000. As we’d told you last summer, the show boasts some impressive judges: critic Jerry Saltz, gallery owner Bill Powers, and Salon94’s Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. Whie originally we had reported that Simon du Pury was to also be a judge, instead he’s stepping into the Tim Gunn role and serving as the contestants’ mentor. And for some reason actress/model China Chow is going to host/judge the whole thing. We’ve been poking fun at and mercilessly mocking this show since it was first announced, because frankly it sounds ridiculous. But like we’ve said before, so is the art world, so who knows? Watch the trailer below at your own risk. If you’re like us, you’ll likely feel queasy, uncomfortable, giggly, and confused (“That’s art makin’ baby!”). This will either be a wonderful disaster or a horrifying success.

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For the win, our money’s already on either the crying photographer or the performance artist with the bag full of water over her head.