‘Sarah Jessica Parker Horse Painting’ is Deemed the Threshold of Tolerance

It’s Friday and we’re a bit tired after a late night of seeing Mies van der Rohe‘s Crown Hall getting lit up, so we turn ever so quickly to this story on E!‘s The Awful Truth Blog (which is written by Ted Casablaca — having both him and E! in a post seems like maybe a couple of first here at UnBeige). In a post from yesterday morning, Casablanca and co-writer Becky Bain ask, “Is the Sarah Jessica Parker Horse Painting Too Mean?” (we have to hand it to them, we’ve certainly never had a title that good). Unfortunately, they’re talking about a real painting, one by an artist named 14 who runs the decidedly funny Gallery of the Absurd. Casablanca hates the whole thing, for certain, saying “…she painted Parker literally as a horse! Is that going too far? We think so.” So Sarah Jessica Parker as a horse is too mean, gotcha. But doesn’t the question he asks in the initial title, “Is the Sarah Jessica Parker Horse Painting Too Mean?” also sort of implying that there is a certain measure of meanness that Parker deserves or Casablanca has devised? So he just wants to have us tone down our celebrity hatred, arriving at a more comfortable level of mean? What does he think of MAD Magazine, which this painting reminded us of? These are questions for you to ponder, dear readers. Personally, we just wanted to write a post where we’d get to say “Horse Painting” a lot. Mission accomplished.