Former Mayor’s Aide Sums Up the State of San Diego Media

Aides to big-city mayors can be a lot more frank about the media once the mayor they serve has left office.

Mayor Jerry Sanders vacated his post December 3, 2012. Last night, at an event sponsored by San Diego’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, his former aide Darren Pudgil cheekily summed up the current local media landscape:

“There’s a wide spectrum. You have U-T San Diego, which is now kind of right of Reagan, and then you have San Diego CityBeat which … has been left of Lenin.”

At the annual “Report Card on the Media” gathering, Sanders made another point that investigative journalists will certainly take issue with. In Pudgil’s opinion, members of that group are often compelled to sensationalize their findings to justify the months of work that went into an enterprise.

The U-T San Diego report about last night’s event ends with a paragraph of unflattering charges made against the paper by Michael Shames, former head of the Utility Consumers’ Action Network. There’s also more info about the February 19 event at @gradethemedia, the Twitter account that the SPJ SD chapter revs up each year at this time.