San Diego Magazine Lets Readers Pick ‘Best Of’ Cover

We might be the only ones, but the annual parade of “Best Of” issues in the publishing world strikes us as totally stale. We get that it’s an advertising boon and needs to happen every year for business reasons. But, seriously, if there really is such a thing as a “best hamburger,” it’s assuredly been written about 800 times before.

So, though it’s tough for us to get excited for any “Best Of” issue, we applaud San Diego Magazine for trying something a little different. The mag is holding an online reader vote to determine which “Best Of” design will grace the cover this year. There’s a baker’s dozen potential covers to choose from–and some of them are WAAAAY better than others. Some are just plain bad.

Kind of a cool idea. Unless some rival publication decides to start a “vote for the worst” guerrilla campaign.

Incidentally, the photo we pulled for this post is one of the contenders. It isn’t our favorite, but we chose it in honor of recently deceased Mad Libs creator Leonard Stern. RIP.