San Diego Architecture Award Ruffles Local Feathers


Now here’s our kind of award show. If the movie industry can have The Razzies for bad movies, why can’t design and architecture have the same, even if it is on a smaller scale. We go over to Alissa’s general neck of the woods for the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s Orchids and Onion Awards (first is for the good, latter is for the bad). Although the foundation’s co-chairman says it’s all in the hopes of keeping architecture in the city interesting and to keep people talking about it, we’d be satisfied to learn that it’s just fun to give out awards for junk, because then you get little portions like this from the Union-Tribune:

Sunroad Enterprises expressed dismay at the Onion it received for its office tower in Kearny Mesa, which the Federal Aviation Administration declared a safety hazard to nearby Montgomery Field. The top 20 feet were lopped off last month to comply with FAA height requirements.

And the Cardiff Botanical Society was crushed that its “Magic Carpet Ride” statue of a young surfer earned an Onion for being an “awkward and misguided tribute.”

Here’s the complete list of winners and loser-winners, if you’re interested (there’s some funny reading in there, if you’ve got the time).